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GE Healthcare clinical accessories

Maintain high performance for your GE Healthcare equipment with reliable & compatible clinical accessories.

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NIBP cuffs with standardized DINACLICK connector system

Why use AMSORB® Plus?

AMSORB® Plus is a new class absorbent safe for use at low-flow rates. It won’t produce harmful by-products, such as carbon monoxide (CO),1,2,3 Compound A, or formaldehyde because it is free of caustic chemicals. Since it performs with reduced gas flow, it does not degrade the anesthetic agent, and as a result can potentially contribute to cost savings.

  • Eco-friendly:
    Breaks down into harmless organic compounds, so it’s easier on patients and staff and potentially simpler to dispose of.
  • Efficient:
    Irreversible color change provides accurate indication of hydrated state, improving confidence in clinical and purchasing decisions.
  • Cost-effective:
    When utilized, Low-flow anesthesia delivery reduces consumption of the anesthetic agent and lowers overall cost of ownership.
  • Compatible:
    AMSORB® Plus is approved for use with
    GE Healthcare and Dräger anesthesia machines.

Direct access to clinical accessories for every care area

At GE Healthcare, we strive to provide ease and support to you throughout the lifecycle of your equipment, helping keep your healthcare facilities running smoothly.

Patient Monitoring

ECG, cardiac output, invasive pressure, and temperature accessories for efficient care.

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Diagnostic Cardiology

ECG lead wires, electrodes and recording papers for all your MAC™, Cardiosoft™, Case™, and SEER™ equipment.

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Maternal-Infant Care

IUPC, T Piece, Fetal Sprial Electrode (FSC) recording papers and more to support your GE Healthcare equipment.

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